NOV 2016
Can artificial intelligence replace a judge in Court?
Image source: Expansión.

Can artificial intelligence replace a judge in Court?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the current legal system is an increasingly popular topic.

As Expansión reports in this article, ‘’judgment prediction algorithms already exist and they are capable of generating accurate solutions 79% of times’’. Does this mean that said technology could soon replace judges and their performance in Court?Joaquín Muñoz, chief of IT and IP at ONTIER emphasizes that AI won’t replace judges. ‘’A judge doesn’t only apply Law, he also interprets it according to the given situation. By now, these kind of machines have no social criteria and they aren’t able to assess the personal scenario of each party’’, as he states for the economics daily paper. 

Muñoz also highlights the importance of judges revising every subject, since even if two cases share certain parametres, they will never be identical. That’s why Muñoz considers that more than replacing the role of judges, robots will perform a support duty on the legal field. ‘’It is assumed that judges know current legislation in its entirety, but it is almost impossible. Algorithms like these could help the magistrate providing him with all the legal arguments applicable and suggesting certain decisions to him, which would make it quicker to deliver a judgment, he concludes.

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