DEC 2016
El Comercio/La Nueva España
ONTIER takes part in creating a “law hospital’’
Image source:El Comercio.

ONTIER takes part in creating a “law hospital’’

The Law School of the University of Oviedo together with the Bar Association of Oviedo, ONTIER and a few non-profit organisations created the so-called ’’law hospital’’, where some Law students supported by teachers and lawyers will advise vulnerable and insolvent people.

Juan Barthe, lawyer at the ONTIER Oviedo office, took part in a discussion on pro bono held last week together with other professionals specialised in said subject. Barthe highlighted the importance of teaching values and boosting this kind of activities ''which become the perfect complement for such a theory-based BA as Law is''. Juan noted that ''you learn in three steps: by mind, by heart and by hand''. The law hospital gathers the three of them because you acquire knowledge by mind, help people by heart and practice by hand''.