JUNE 2017
ONTIER Launches the “ONTIER Labour Relations Forum”

ONTIER Launches the “ONTIER Labour Relations Forum”

ONTIER is officially launching the ”ONTIER Labour Relations Forum” in June. According to Eduardo González Biedma, Counsel at the Labour Law Department, the purpose is creating a long term forum for discussions and updates on the Labour Law industry.

Eduardo González Biedma stated that 'the forum aims to become a space to share information, training and discussions on the latest news within the Labour Law sector, legislation, jurisprudence and the latest trends regarding human resources, both from a national and international scope.' 'It's a powerful tool to reinforce our footprint in the Labour Law sector while we approach our target companies and strengthen our presence in the media', he explained.

The meetings of the forum will be held at the ONTIER offices in Madrid, Oviedo and Seville. However, in time these sessions could also be held in other ONTIER countries. The forum is open for professionals coming from leading companies within several economic sectors, since 'its purpose is to gather together business executives coming from Spain's leading companies so that they can stay updated on the latest news and trends and at the same time share their experiences and insight with the attendees' noted González Biedma.

The speakers taking part in the forum will be representatives coming from the member companies as well as ONTIER lawyers, public authorities, representatives of the Judiciary, and representatives coming from business and political associations, among others.

Moreover, every month or every two months, the ONTIER Labour Relations Forum will also be sending their members the latest news and trends on the industry, both nationally and internationally.

The first session of the 'ONTIER Labour Relations Forum' will go over the topic 'the impact of the ECJ on the Spanish legal system: temporary contracts, holidays, temporary disability and discrimination.' It will be held in Oviedo on June 28th, in Madrid on June 29th, and in Seville on July 4th. The speakers taking part in this first session will be Adolfo Suárez Illana, ONTIER International President, Eduardo González Biedma, Counsel at the Labour Law Department, Javier Rodríguez, partner at ONTIER Labour Law Department, and Luis Sánchez Quiñones, lawyer at ONTIER Labour Law Department.