JUNE 2017
The students of the Oviedo Law Hospital tutored by ONTIER present the project carried out this year
Nicolás Bárcena y Juan Barthe, Lawyers at ONTIER Oviedo, help the students with the Law Hospital final project presentation.

The students of the Oviedo Law Hospital tutored by ONTIER present the project carried out this year

Next June 21st Circus by Borja is hosting the presentation event of ”General Contracting Conditions Report”, an event organised by ONTIER and the Law Hospital of the University of Oviedo and boosted by Carlos del Valle, Lawyer at the Oviedo Office.

According to Carlos del Valle, one of the main purposes of the Law Hospital at the University of Oviedo is promoting active learning among the students, who as trainees were tutored by lecturers and professionals.

This time ONTIER lawyers Juan Barthe and Nicolás Bárcena, members of the committee and Deputy Director at the Law Hospital, tutored for a group of trainees taking part in the Law Hospital. Together they drafted an ambitious report on one of the most relevant topics for the legal industry in the last few years: general contracting conditions.

During the presentation of the project, taking place next Wednesday June 21st at the Circus, they'll be joined by the Deputy Dean of the Law School of the University of Oviedo and by Antonio Lorenzo, current Magistrate at the Oviedo District Court number 6 and specialist in the addressed topic, who will also be teaching a conference regarding the current scenario of general contracting conditions.

Carlos del Valle notes that 'law hospitals provide a space for both theoretical and practical training for Law students through innovative teaching methods. They also seek to promote and educate in social responsibility for those who work in the legal industry.'

The Law Hospital seeks three different purposes: to make it possible for students to experience the reality of the legal practice in several legal disciplines so that their education is thorough and they become aware of the social function of the legal practice; to boost social responsibility as well as acquiring knowledge through active learning; and to bring university and society together to take part in economic and social development.