JUNE 2017
Circus Talks: Leaders of the Future - the Upcoming World
Juan Martínez Barea, Singularity University's Ambassador to Spain, during his talk in Circus by Borja.

Circus Talks: Leaders of the Future - the Upcoming World

Last week Juan Martínez-Barea, Singularity University’s Ambassador to Spain, talked about ”Leaders of the future, the upcoming world” in Circus by Borja. Singularity University is a disruptive university in Silicon Valley, led by tech giants like Google or NASA.

Juan Martínez-Barea explained that three trends are coming together this year bringing a major change: technology acceleration, hyperconnectivity, and a huge geopolitical change. Martínez stated that the only possible response to this wave of change is IT.

Martínez noted that entrepreneurs and startups are playing a key role this century, since they were the ones who better adapted to the change brought by the Internet. 'Who won the digital revolution? Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Skype.' All of them startups which knew how to innovate and make the most of technology.' That's what happened with the Internet: David defeated Goliath.'

According to Juan Martínez, this new scenario shows the big change that Internet brought to the life of people: 'Throughout history, people have always been able to go as far as they could depending on their circumstances. But from now on, everyone anywhere in the world can compete against the leading players in every category.'

Juan Martínez stated that technology is the best tool people and companies have to make this change. But he noted that attitude is key: staying alert and connected to innovation within your sector. But most importantly, he noted that 'you can't just neglect this wave of change.'

The talk was organised by the 16 de 24 Foundation, sponsored by ONTIER CEO Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza, which aims to promote engagement with knowledge, education and skills and talent development among young people and women.

About Juan Martínez-Barea

Juan Martínez, who previously worked in world leading companies like Abengoa and McKinsey Company, launched Creara in 1990: the first accelerator for startups in Spain, as well as 50K, the first competition of young companies in Southern Europe, in collaboration with the MIT. Moreover, he's also Founder and CEO at Universal Diagnosis, a biomedicine and biocomputing startup operating in Spain and Silicon Valley, which aims to develop a blood test for early cancer detection in order to save millions of lives.