JUNE 2017
“Colombia’s Now Providing the Best Investment Environment in the Country’s Recent History”

“Colombia’s Now Providing the Best Investment Environment in the Country’s Recent History”

Last week the IE Business School hosted the latest Ibero-America in Business Forum: ”Peace in Colombia: Business and Investment Opportunities.”

This breakfast-conference, sponsored by ONTIER and Kreab and organised by Expansión and the Ibero-America in Business Forum, in collaboration with ProColombia and the IE Business School, was moderated by María Jesús Dehesa, Corporate Partner at ONTIER Spain.

Felipe Jaramillo, President of ProColombia, stated that 'there are plenty of investment opportunities in Colombia right now, as well as there are several needs, since the government can't meet them all.' Jaramillo even noted that since the armed conflict with the FARC was over, 'Colombia's now providing the best investment environment in the country's recent history.'

Sara Ladra, Deputy Director of International Cooperation at the ICEX, also noted that companies have a competitive edge in Colombia because they have the resources and knowledge required for developing their businesses within those sectors providing the widest range of opportunities: food, housing, IT, etc. Ladra noted that agriculture and pisciculture have become an important niche market as well. Sara Ladra also explained that since the conflict was over, the Colombian society has gained a consumption potential of about 5 billion dollars.

Ricardo Oteros, General Manager at Supracafé, explained that the essentials to reinforce peace in Colombia are boosting investment while keeping pursuing three key goals: RDI development, environmental sustainability and social sustainability. Moreover, he also recommended future investors to look for local partners and collaborators and to take the local workforce and talent into account.

For further information, you can check out this article by Expansión (SP only): Investment needs to be boosted in order to reinforce peace in Colombia