JUNE 2017
Mini ONTIER Cup: Game on!
Image source: Pixabay.

Mini ONTIER Cup: Game on!

Starting last Monday and finishing Friday, 56 young and promising tennis stars throughout Asturias will be competing in the Oviedo Tennis Club to join the Mini ONTIER Cup 2017, taking place the first week of September.

The Mini ONTIER Cup, for little tennis players of under 12 years, is taking place at the same time as the ONTIER Cup, which is a professional tennis cup taking part in the 'Futures' programme of the International Tennis Federation. Boys will compete in the beginners category and girls will compete in the young players category.

The main purpose of holding both competitions at the same time is getting the young stars to share a space with the players of the ONTIER Cup so that they can get inspired by them and keep on playing tennis. The Mini ONTIER Cup will also make it possible to find new young and promising tennis stars in their first years playing and help them become professional players.